Sunday, May 3, 2009

The view from here...

Well, it ain't so bad!!!!


The kids and I headed out at 9 o'clock IN THE MORNING! This guaranteed me a good seat on the beach and a good chance of getting home early enough to do other things today. Like sit in front of my computer and type! I am listening to some really good music right now so it's not a bad thing being right here.

We were lucky enough to show up when the tide was out and it had left a wonderful little pool (more like a small stream as it even had a northward current and little tiny fishies!) for the girls to play in.



This meant that I could turn my chair toward the beach and the sun and close my eyes...except when those two really nice looking tattooed guys had to chase after the runaway football. I promise I didn't take pictures of them because that would just be weird. But I should have.

It was just a beautiful day.

Could it get any better?!?!!

Why, yes. Yes it can!


Ha! They fell asleep. Now it's my turn.


Geekzilla said...

Nice legs :-P

Dena said...

And I documented the painful process that made those legs look so nice!

Chris said...

Sigh...thank you!

That is the typical NoFla surf I remember. Non existent so hang out, socialize or drive North to Hatteras or South to Smyrna ;)

You do know that the tidal pool the girls were playing in, where it runs out back into the ocean is the exact location of where a rip tide current was just an hour or two before, right? Nothing to be afraid of, just something to know. But at receding tide those are great! Warm, full of small fish and crabs. A kids delight.

I swear I can feel the warmth of the sun. Thanks so much for posting these, it was like a trip back home.