Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They're ALL created from nonsense!

My daughter's homework assignment was to write a story using her spelling words. For some reason, Elle didn't want to show me.

So I whipped out ye olde "Because I said so!!" command and she allowed me to read her story. Aaaah, the power of parenthood!

It's wonderful. (The story and the power of parenthood!)

"But, mommy, it sounds like nonsense!"

"Elle, have you ever heard of two parents who leave their children in the woods with a loaf of bread so they can be eaten by some endangered bear species only to end up discovering a house made out of delicious gingerbread and inhabited by some crazy old bat!?!?!"

Blank stare.

My point has been made.


The Skunk and The Lost Key

Once upon a time there was a skunk who lost his key so he couldn't hop anymore and he wouldn't lose anything. When he heard an odd sound he sang along. He followed the voice and went the wrong way. It was a lady. An evil lady. She sleeps on a cot. She was the one who was holding the key and she called it a jobkey. The evil lady dropped the key in the lake and the skunk caught it. He lived happily ever after.

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Chris said...

That skunk story stinks! ha ha ha ha...phew.

Trevor and I watched Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy last weekend and this week he wrote a sequel to it in which Marvin the Paranoid Android ends up happy instead of depressed. I thought it was cute.