Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to waste a beautiful day

1. Wake up late.

2. Spend 10 minutes in the bathroom wondering if the Nair for Sensitive Skin will work better than last year's attempt at hair removal with regular Nair.

3. Spend 10 minutes in the shower blasting cold water on your legs that were literally set on fire by Nair for Sensitive Skin (which, obviously, does not work better than regular Nair).

4. Spend 10 minutes trying to shave your legs with a razor and sensitive skin shave gel before you remember that your skin was burned off completely.

5. Spend an hour caressing your smooth legs. Beauty equals pain, people.

6. Go to Starbucks with a headache and order a grande Iced Caramel Macchiato for yourself and a box of organic chocolate milk for the kid. Squeal in delight when the barista gives you your drink for free because you're "always here and we don't want you to go broke."

7. Fire up the Internet with a renewed hope in mankind and the job market.

8. Sigh in despair as the clock creeps closer and closer to nighttime which, on this night, will be spent with your daughter and her best friend. Remember last time how giggly they were? Yeah, they're older now. And louder. And gigglier.

9. Realize after 3 hours of internet job hunting that you will be stuck in your current job until retirement age.

10. Blog while the sun is still out and the air is still warm and remember where the sidewalk chalk is. Go outside and enjoy what's left of the day.

Tomorrow: THE BEACH.


Geekzilla said...

Why is it we people are so obsessed with removing hair from certain places and growing them where they ain't?

No, I'm not suggesting women go around with hairy legs and men go around with hairy backs AT ALL. It's just an observation.

Dena said...

I try not to observe men with hairy backs. :)

Chris said...

Damn damn damn damn
I miss the beach, that's the only thing I miss about Florida.

Which one did you go to? Atlantic, Jax, Ponte Vedra?

I used to surf 28th Street South alot. Hung out at Holiday Inn in the 80's when it was THE place for all townies to party all day. Surfed the North Jetties alot. Fished off of the old Jax Beach pier from sunup to sundown often during the summer. Then there was Vilano, "writing/paint on the road", and "crossroads" down south.

Sigh....can you tell you hit a raw nerve. Please post a picture from the beach today. I want to see it again :(

Dena said...

I head out to Peter's Point on Amelia Island - less people, less traffic. I will post a picture of it especially for you. It's a beautiful day.

PS - That Holiday Inn you mentioned seemed really excited about meeting me to interview for a management position about 7 years ago. I accidentally mentioned the word "daughter" and never heard from them again. Bastards. I hear they're losing money now due to the economy and few family vacationers. Also the Sea Turtle Inn - GONE. Jax Beach is full of homeless people now. It's sad.

If you ever make it back to Jax, let me know. We'll have coffee!