Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I recently read some quote about facing one's fears, to not let the things we are afraid of run our lives. I'm afraid of things. We all are. Some of those things are understandable (flying, falling, drowning) while others are slightly...well, irrational, such as my fear of throwing up (nobody likes that!) and, phew...

Oh, this is hard, folks. Really. Because this thing freaks me the f$*! out.

Do you remember wondering what it was that really lurked under your bed when you were a child? Can you recall that sick feeling that completely overwhelmed your insides and made your body so tense that it was actually hard to breathe without crying or calling for your mommy?

(Ok, so stay with me here! Because this thing I fear actually gives me that sick feeling in my stomach. And I probably won't be able to sleep tonight, but I'm trying to be a big girl.) So here goes:

Sloth Pictures, Images and Photos
three-toed sloth

Sweet Jaysus!!!!!! I'm 32 and that still makes me want to cry. My stomach is in knots just having to search through images of those damn things (thankfully I can't see the picture while I'm writing this - it's only HTML code I'm staring at). I'd rather walk barefoot in a room thick with slithery snakes than have one of these things anywhere near me. Looking at me. I mean, look at it! It's got this creepy little face and this body that is so....God, I don't know. This thing reminds me of that little black-haired girl from The Ring when she began crawling out of the TV.

I'm gonna go watch Ace of Cakes and get my Duff-on. Hopefully that will settle my stomach.

I know, it's silly. But I remember some television therapist saying that the best way to start confronting your fears is to speak the word, then look at pictures, then video...yaddayaddayadda. I stop at the pictures.


Geekzilla said...

Hmmm. Yeah. I can see why they creep you out. Do they live in Florida, too?

Sra said...

I can't help it, this cracked me up. I will admit that the photo is kind of creepy, though. The way he's smiling at us with those freakishly long arms and beady eyes. I don't like him. He's got the evil inside.

I still have a hard time with pictures of spiders. I don't even like to touch the pictures. I've decided I don't care to cure my arachnophobia, though. I don't see it as debilitating.

Windy Days said...

Rolling. Rolling. Rolling laughing.

Chris said...

That does look like something out of a bad LSD trip while watching a horror movie.

Dena said...

As far as I know, they don't live in Florida. They don't even have one at the Jacksonville Zoo. But I'm not going to research it because that will just yield more pictures and I can't handle that.