Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pool. Eat. Sleep. Hug. Cry. Drive home.

A sad event brought a friend of mine down to Jacksonville this weekend. A friend whom I've known for sixteen years, as she reminded me around midnight on Night 1 of our weekend of slack. We didn't completely engage in slack. She has a baby to care for and I have a seven-year-old to care for. And I did come home while DeAnna and Delilah went to the funeral so I could get the oil changed in my car and finish a few loads of laundry. So, no...there probably was no slacking going on. But with all of our time in the pool and hanging out with cute kids and enjoying the company of my ever-elusive friend, Carolina, it is hard to remember that I did anything remotely productive this weekend.

Delilah & Elle

Elle & Delilah

Carolina, DeAnna, Delilah, and me (Elle was the photographer!)

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Chris said...

Kids and a pool during the summer have a way of making things seem ok, don't they?