Sunday, January 25, 2009

Larry. With the puffy pants.

At 9am Saturday morning, I kissed my daughter goodbye and sent her off to her father's for the remainder of the weekend. This doesn't happen often (in fact, this is the first time since May of last year) and I am usually stunned, not only by the silence surrounding me, but also because I cannot think of anything to do. By myself. It's like I don't know how.

Elle's metal-framed daybed began falling apart last week and I promised her I would do my best to buy her a new bed over the next few weeks. Saturday afternoon, after napping (an activity I learned I can do by myself!) and watching an entire movie uninterrupted (again, an activity I enjoyed doing by myself!), I got bored. It was 3 o'clock. Laundry was done. Dishes were done. So mom and I went shopping for a new bed. My measly budget limited me to pretty much other people's shit that was already falling apart. My dad volunteered to build a headboard for a twin bed out of the unused headboard for a double bed.

Right on, Dad.

Mom and I decided to dress up the "new" bed somehow. We sat in the comfy recliners for sale at Sticks N' Stuff and brainstormed. In the end, our ideas actually came together and we managed to turn my daughter's Suite Life with Zack and Cody bedroom theme (of pink, turquoise, and lime green) into this:



All it took was a new set of sheets, a sheer curtain we already had, two brand new purple sequinned curtains, 7.5 yards of purple satin, a purple comforter from the linen closet, a DIY nightstand, two thin curtain rods, four ceiling hooks, a purple/pink butterfly lamp, and two trips to Hell On, Walmart. Total cost: $84.00.

As I was reading to her tonight (a nightly bedtime ritual - everyone should read to their children!), Elle looked up at her new "India Princess" canopy bed (her own description) and told me how much she loved it.

"I feel like an Indian Princess. It's all shiny with jewels, like those Indian women wear. Hey, like Jasmine!" (referring to Aladdin)

And then, no kidding, she snapped her fingers and demanded, "Larry, fetch me a water!"

Confused, I said, "Who's Larry?"

Ha! Who's Larry? Apparently I am supposed to be completely aware of every character who lives in Elle's little world, because she huffed a little and seemed a bit surprised that I even had to be told.

"(sigh), Mom, Larry's the butler. You know, from India. He wears the puffy pants."

Ooooh, That Larry.

She really likes her room, I guess.


iheartindigo said...

I love Larry with the puffy pants, what a great story! And you don't suck Dena, I've always admired your mothering instincts. You could show these absentee, selfish mothers out there a thing or two!!
It's me Eva, and I ran across your blog and love it. Keep it up, you make me laugh and think at the same time, quite a feat for me!!!

Ann said...

The bed is awesome!!! Great job. :) Thanks for the ideas, I've been wanting to do something special for my youngest. Oh ya, when Elle is done with Larry, have her send him my way. I kind of like the idea of a dude in puffy pants fetching my water.

geekzilla said...

I picture Larry with the puffy pants as MC Hammer from back in the day. You can't touch this.