Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love me some whimsy!

I'm not an art person. I like art. I appreciate it (sometimes). I'm just not an art person. I've never been to an art museum but I can tear up a history museum like it's nobody's business.

I'm also not a girly-girl. I hardly ever wear skirts. I don't spend my money on clothes (though, dear God, I desperately need to). My daughter is a pink, sugary, fluffy, kissy-huggy, princess dress-up-y, ball of ooey-gooey girliness. My daughter is the daughter my mother always wanted. Books and magazines geared towards women and womanly, feminine, girly things (like high heels and the most lashtacular mascara) always catch my daughter's attention, but they don't interest me. Then I saw THIS on the cover of Skirt magazine:

unknown title

Yes. This artwork made me do it. I felt all giddy (and strangely enough, girly) and actually read the magazine. I figured if they could put something so beautiful on the cover (and not mention laser hair removal or the price of a new tanning salon membership), then Skirt magazine couldn't be all bad. In all honestly, this cover artwork is the only thing about Skirt's December issue that sticks out in my mind.

The artist is Duy Huynh. If you go to his website
you'll feel like you've just entered a magical world of whimsy!

Okay, okay. I know I said I'm not girly, but whimsy is freakin' awesome! I love me some whimsy! When I was choosing a name for my daughter, I even designated a nickname for her that means "Faerie Maiden". Faeries, folklore, myths, and legends. Cool stuff. Whimsical stuff.

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Sra said...

Beautiful artwork. I think everyone's an art lover -- you just have to find the stuff that speaks to you, which is not always easy considering how many different types of art there are. But human are creative creatures, so I feel there is something out there for everyone.

I am also not a girly girl, and was not the girl my mother wanted. She claims I'm perfect after I get mad at her for judging me for being myself. That is why I keep a healthy emotional distance from her.