Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keeping it cool

I'm not quite ready to spill all the details about my wonderful day in court. I went, I testified, I won. I won big. And I don't mean big. I mean freakin' huge.

As you can tell by my lack of capital letter usage, I'm keeping it cool. After 7 years of Mr. Dumas' (Mr. Dumas is not his real name)(as in Mr. Dumbass, in case you don't get it) bullshizzy and 3 years of outright dirty cheating and finger-pointing, I've learned to not believe in the judicial system too early. Even if Mr. Dumas signs his name on the final judgment in his own blood, the law still allows him to take me back to The Judge. Seeing as how awesome The Judge was today, I had considered referring to him as The Man but quickly realized how disrespectful that would be to his profession. Besides, The Judge granted me something that very few parents are ever allowed in the State of Florida. Even my lawyer and all the partners in her firm high-fived each other when we returned to her office.

My lawyer: "We got it! We got it all!"
Partner: "You got it?! Oh. My. Gawd. How did you manage that?!"
My lawyer: ".....!!!!" (sorry, I can't really disclose that but it was SO COOL!)
Partner: "But that never happens! That is so hard to get!"

So, here I am. My entire body hurts from the stress of having to bite my tongue during cross-examination and from laughing so hard on the inside at the faces the bailiff was making at Mr. Dumas' claims. That bailiff needs his own sitcom.

Anyway, enough about that for now. I came across this video on Mamapop tonight and thought it was hilarious.

I think it helps give a good description of the stress and frustrations I've dealt with over the last 3 years of trial preparation, maybe a little explanation for why I've sometimes let Mr. Dumas do what all Dumases do - be himself. Patience pays off. But so does being smarter than your opposition.


Geekzilla said...

Congratulations, Dena! I'm so happy for you!!

Keely said...

Well I have only one thing appropriate to say to this blog...

You GO GIRL!!!

hollywoodnsoopy said...