Saturday, January 3, 2009

another pursuit of happiness

It's official. I'm depressed. And while it's no laughing matter, it should be. Because if you can't laugh at your own depression then it gets, depressing.

I've been through it before and I've learned a few tricks:
1. avoid all music performed by Tori Amos
2. think happy thoughts (yes, it works)
3. think happy thoughts while enjoying the outdoors
4. complete all anxiety-inducing tasks as early in the day as possible
5. cuddle with your cute kid/cute pets

What's great about this particular round of misery is this book that I just happened to pick up the day before I started feeling completely miserable (as opposed to just miserable enough to be grouchy):
The Geography of Bliss Pictures, Images and Photos

It's about the author's trek around the world in his honest attempt to find the happiest place on earth. Why are some people happier than others? Why are some cultures happier than others? Why is America the greatest superpower but also home to one of the unhappiest populations on the planet?

When the last tree is cut,
When the last river is emptied,
When the last fish is caught,
Only then will Man realize that he can not eat money.
-from a road sign in the country of Bhutan
The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

I love that.

Is it summer yet? I need sunshine.


Sra said...

I need to work on number 4 myself. For me, the anxiety inducing tasks involve me having to telephone someone at work. I can take calls alright, but placing them is very difficult for me, so I end up putting those tasks lower in my to-do list, while continuing to stew over them. I should just get them out of the way.

I could use a little sunshine around here too.

Dena said...

I know I'll get it wrong, but there's a saying about eating a toad first thing in the morning and it will be the worst thing you'll do all day.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Sounds like you haven't lost your sense of humor. That's always a good sign!