Sunday, September 6, 2009

Like shootin' puppies with a bb gun

Do you remember that line? From the Dentist Song in Little Shop of Horrors?

Little Shop of Horrors, Dentist Pictures, Images and Photos

It's a catchy little song. So catchy, in fact, that I have in on my MySpace playlist. I figure anyone who chooses a profession for which they'll make more enemies than friends deserves a catchy song and...ugh, I hate dentists!

Unfortunately, I'll be visiting mine before my scheduled cleaning in late October. I have a toothache and now that I've acknowledged it, it won't go away. It's all I think about. throb throb throb.

And I know exactly what I did to get this toothache - it has nothing to do with my addiction to gum, or my lack of milk as a child, or the absence of fluoride in the tap water of Northern Italy. It does, however, have everything to do with this phrase that I made the mistake of saying out loud today: "I think I would like to buy a new computer!"

It's okay, Fate. Florida doubled every DMV fee you can imagine and both my registration and license are up for renewal but not until next month. Elle's birthday is 5 weeks away and she wants a birthday cheesecake but, hey, they come in a $3 box now. My online classes don't begin until January and that writing class I was going to take that starts later this week...well, hobby schmobby. Right? My computer has suffered through a few months of "You piece of shit!"-type verbal abuse from me as it is. What's a few more months? Unless Santa gets laid off, in which case I'd just lose all hope. throb throb throb

Isn't it always this way? You want something but then you need something more. And the need should trump the want.

But really, who am I kidding?!?! I'm pissed! And when I'm pissed, my blood pressure rises (as does most others') and it makes my pulse shoot out through my achy tooth and...oh god, throb throb throb. I've just remembered the can read all about my freaky-deeky dental adventures (complete with illustrations!). throb throb throb.

Yep. This one's gonna be a doozy.

throb throb throb.

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Chris said...

Oh, so it's NOT just me that goes through that? We had to replace our AC and hot water heater in back to back months this summer. I often think about how I would have LIKED to have spent that 3500 dollars. Damn necessities.