Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rant with no title...but plenty of anger

Florida lost today. Florida lost BIG today. Even if I wasn't a mother, I would feel the same way about the sadness that hangs over the state of Florida today. Missing children. Murdered children. Piece of crap human beings who are allowed to breathe, eat, sleep, live. LIVE, I said. All this is punishment for slapping some duct tape over your own child's mouth and stuffing her dead, bloodied body in your trunk? All this is punishment for snatching your neighbor's little girl from her bedroom in the middle of the night, raping her, and burying her alive in your backyard? All this is punishment for waking up at 3am to find your boyfriend's child missing from her bed...from a trailer...and you heard nothing?

Caylee Anthony's mother still will not admit to murdering her daughter. They've found her body, they've found holes in Mom's story, and today they found an outline of a child's body in the trunk of Mom's car. But because of some FBI contamination mistake, it's very possible that the duct tape used to cover little Caylee's mouth could be thrown out as evidence.

John Evander Couey, Jessica Lunsford's killer, died today of natural causes. Natural causes! Hmmm, that's quite a treat! Sure beats the hell out of dying the way little Jessica died, doesn't it!? I don't care if your IQ is 78 and places you on the cusp of comprehending the severity of what kind of crime has just been committed, because when you bury a little girl alive you're kind of admitting that you know what you did was wrong.

Misty Croslin. Misty, Misty, Misty. I don't quite know what to say about you. I can't believe you haven't cracked yet. Don't underestimate the Putnam County Sheriff's Department...they're just getting started on you. And you can bet that little Haleigh's mom isn't going to forget how you were the last one to see her daughter alive and yet didn't hear a single sound before 3am when you noticed Haleigh wasn't in her bed. I've been in a few trailers can hear everything. The cops are smarter than you are.

All of these people have committed crimes against children. The most heinous, sickening crimes you can imagine. These children were with people they trusted or people they knew and it makes me fall apart just thinking about their last moments. Can you feel it? Can you feel that fear? That terror that something bad is happening and something worse is going to happen and you can't stop it. Only the bad person can stop it.

One of Christopher Barrios' killers is on trial right now up in Brunswick, Georgia. Testimony proves that Christopher asked his killers to let him go, asked them to let him go home to his parents. Yes, you read that correctly. There were more than one. They were his neighbors. Christopher was 6 when they snatched him from his yard where he was playing with a Star Wars toy. He wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was exactly where he was supposed to be - playing in his yard with his toys and acting like a 6-year old boy. But plea bargains and He-Said-She-Said could end up sparing the life of one of his murderers. Ain't the justice system fantabulous!?

Yeah, I know. This post is pretty heavy, it's not like anything I've ever expressed an opinion about before. But I can't help it. These stories have taken over the local evening news and have made me confront my feelings on God, on society, on human nature altogether. Without sharing my rants on the three subjects I've just mentioned, I will admit that I have lost alot of faith in all of them.

I've heard stories of parents of murdered children attacking their children's attackers. Bravo!, I say. I don't know a single parent who wouldn't want to take a swing at the sick bastard who killed their child. It doesn't happen often but just to know it's happened at least once is a score for the Good Guys. The punishments imposed on such criminals are light, even if it's life without parole. The inmates are fed, clothed, given medical and dental care, and, in some cases, they win an early release or parole. They get to go home to their families, to their lives, to breathe fresh air and hug the people they love.

At this point, I can only hope that these child killers get the death penalty. Me, personally, I'm a grudge-holder. I have no sympathy for people like this. I don't care if you were beaten as a child or had to watch your mother drink herself into a stupor every day after you came home from school - I just don't care. You can call me heartless, you can call me a cold-hearted bitch, because, quite honestly, I don't care about that either. What I do care about it that these kids, and the thousands more that are abused, tortured, and killed in this country every year, are not forgotten and that the crimes committed against them are not downplayed by plea bargains and contaminated evidence.

Obviously, I am a strong supporter of the death penalty. This might have something to do with my relationship with God, or lack thereof, but to punish a child rapist/killer with a life sentence interrupted by parole hearings and meetings with psychiatrists trying to determine if the criminal was treated badly as a're wasting my time.

It's time to bring back Ol' Sparky.
Florida's electric chair Pictures, Images and Photos
And, for the record, both Florida and Georgia impose the death penalty. At least they got something right.

*Because I'm on a roll here, I'd like to publicly state my opinion on Hollywood and their little project to save Roman Polanski from the American justice system. What's that, you said? Woody Allen is leading the charge? Wait...the same guy who made dreamy eyes at his own adopted daughter and ended up marrying her and fathering children with her and ewww!!! WTF? Hollywood - stick to making movies and shut the hell up about everything else. By the way, Whoopi, rape-rape is still rape. And I don't understand why Roman Polanski is the one receiving all the sympathy. must be difficult to be pushed around and bullied by someone who is bigger than you, like, say, the United States. But at least they didn't have to drug you and rape you to make you comply. It's a rough life for these fellas, Woody and Roman. Here...have a seat and take a rest. I have the perfect chair for you!


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