Monday, September 21, 2009

Conversations from a First Grade classroom (2008)

My daughter just relayed this hilarious story to me tonight. Here is proof that I am not the only one on Planet Earth to use the term "happy camper". However, it's refreshing to see that our children, at least while in the classroom, are receiving a quality FCAT-worthy education AND mastering the art of smartassery.

Mrs. Rice: I am NOT a happy camper!

Kids: What about if we roast some marshmallows?

Mrs. Rice: No, I'm not really talking about camping. It's just another way of saying you're mad.

Kids: Ooooooh, so then you're a mad camper?

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Chris said...

Why do I picture Mrs. Rice banging her head down on the desk? :)

Laura Lee said...


take THAT you mad campers around the world... children are listening. and trying to make it better. One comment at a time.