Friday, December 12, 2008

You want fries with that?


I agree. Four bucks is dumb. However, in Florida, an iced tall caramel macchiato comes to $3.38 including tax. And the peace of mind that comes with knowing the barista didn't spit in your drink. And never having to really order because the barista already knows what you want and how you want it (whole milk, light ice, and a box of organic chocolate milk for the kid) because they are all so nice and so...un-McDonald's-like.

I'm not making excuses for Starbucks or why I think anything you drink is worth more than $1.50. But it's the same reason people are willing to pay a few bucks for a beer in a bar rather than buy a six-pack and drink at home. What's next, McDonald's? Bud McLight?


Sra said...

Amen. Not that there's anything wrong with iced McDonald's coffee. It's alright. But I could make it just as well myself for cheaper. A good latte, however, I still need a real barista to do that for me. And my favorite drink, short skinny latte, is only $3.00.

Dena said...

I went the McDonald's route for awhile, but their drinks just weren't very consistent. I like consistency, especially when I'm being overcharged for it.