Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another bridge story...


See that beautiful point in the middle of the bridge...the highest point? It's incredible, isn't it?! I've always wondered what it would be like to stand up there on my own two feet, to not be confined to my vehicle.

Well, I got my wish today when a bright orange construction zone barrel was blown into my lane (the left lane) by a 40 mph wind gust and I had to slam on my brakes and hear my child scream "Oh, nooooooo!!!" and pray to God that the SUV behind me could brake in time and avoid hitting me and Holy Crap! Did that thing just hit my car? I'm so suing the city of Jacksonville! I told Elle to stay in the car while I fought against the wind and tried to open my door, only to get it slammed in my face TWICE! Now I was just plain pissed because I had somewhere to be. Santa wasn't going to be at the mall forever.

I started to notice that all the other cars in the right lane were still driving right on past me. Finally, I managed to open my door and get halfway around to the front of the car when a man in the right lane stopped his vehicle and got out, grabbed the orange barrel, placed it behind a concrete barrier, and got back in and drove off. Like it was nuthin'!

I never got a chance to thank him because every time I opened my mouth, a huge gust of wind blew directly inside me and turned every nice thought in my head into a bunch of curse words.

So...thank you, Mr. Orange Barrel Remover Guy. You probably saved a life today.


Remo said...

That sounds like one of those "Here's to you - Mr. Overachieving flag-football player..." beer commercials.

Great blog!

Do you do windows?

yogachik said...

OK, I give your bridge does suck!