Friday, March 13, 2009

A PigBearDragonfly!

First, I have to brag about my daughter. She's awesome. Why is she awesome? Well, 'cause she is. And because last year she not only won the first annual Peterbrooke Chocolatier Easter coloring contest for our neighborhood shop, but she also won the top prize in the region! That includes the City of Jacksonville, the rest of Duval County, and all of Nassau County. Elle was all of six plucky and creative years old.

She's finally taking her artwork public and entered a contest by submitting her own version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the Florida Times-Union newspaper. At last she has decided to allow a picture of her own design to leave the house, not to be hung on the walls of her dentist's office or to grace the refrigerators of my friends and family. This time, she's fo' real, yo.


And now a story. Meet PigBearDragonfly:
(I'm just copying it, word or word)
This is a PigBearDragonfly.
It eats deer and flys.
It lives in the wild.
It can kill 100,000 of people.
It can live for 4100 years.
It can die in the cold.
They are reptiles.
It drinks blood.
It is spicky.
It is dangerouse so be carful.
Its a girl.
They have ugly babys.
They are like vampires.
They are nockturnle.


Windy Days said...

We need to get our kids together. The girls sound like peas in a pod!

Ann said...

Why do the babies have to be ugly??? I'm just saying. LOL! This is awesome. She is very creative. :):):)