Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm not in the business of business

Education is key, I believe. My high school records don't necessarily reflect that, but I'm older and wiser now (and a mother) so that makes me an expert.

I'm not a politician nor am I someone who pretends to understand the politics of business. And let's face it, the public school system is a business. Parents provide the children, the state promises a standard comprehension and level of knowledge as a result, the end result is disappointing and this results in even more results. Such a mudslinging, finger-pointing, name-calling, cursing the Florida Lottery, gangs and violence, underpaid teachers and School Resource Officers, and finally, a lack of parent involvement.

So, how's about reading this and wondering exactly...why couldn't the public school system receive a bailout? Because throwing together a group of hormonal, angsty teenagers into a massive new world called "The Bigger High School" while packing heat in their pants is such a terrific idea.

The 17,000-student district also is looking into increasing class sizes, shortening the school year and laying off nearly 10 percent of its 900 teachers.
China and India: Watch out for the smart Americans! I'm just sayin'...

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Ann said...

I hear you. It's sickening.expod