Thursday, March 26, 2009

hocus pocus mucus!

This picture is such a lie. First of all, this kid is certainly old enough to wipe her own nose. Secondly, who the hell looks that happy when they're dealing with gallons of snot, especially when it isn't even their own!!??

I don't like mommies like this. And I'm sure nobody would be offended by my statement because mommies like this don't exist. Unless they're aliens, then this sort of snot accumulation is magical and mysterious and awesomely worthy of otherworldly scientific collection & study. Yeah. Not in my house.

My poor baby is loaded with goo this week. I kept her home on Monday due to a fever and dry cough. This morning her cough was so thick, she was gagging. When I picked her up from school tonight, I was greeted with a bag of ice to her left ear and a tear-streaked face, begging me to make the pain stop. Oh, I hate the snot! The congestion has totally taken over and I had to rush my daughter to the Urgent Care clinic at 6pm. No dinner, no medicine, no nothing. And she shrieked the whole time, clutching her ear as if to rip it off. Which actually might have been less painful, for both of us.

So two hours later, we were home and I had her fully drugged with decongestant, advil, and a liquid Z-pak that is sure to give her diarrhea which, in turn, is sure to give me another round of shrieking about stuff coming out of her body that cannot be controlled. You can't win for losing.

Elle is finally asleep and snuggling with her two favorite stuffed animals, Big Peki and Black Peki, while enjoying the mist of the humidifier and the company of her new best friend - the heating pad.

This reminds me of when my older brother cried so hard as a baby that my mother was prescribed Valium. Valium!!!!


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Crap, now I probably have a computer virus just from reading this post;)

Hope she gets better quick and without the fun and thrills of the zpak "side effects" (they should be called "rear effects")