Friday, June 26, 2009

Florida will be gone altogether, the whole damned place, in not too long.

So says James Lovelock. It's not too farfetched of an idea considering the crazy weather we here in Jacksonville have dealt with in just the past five days. But then again, it's Mother Nature and she likes to show off sometimes.

A massive storm pushed through this past Monday night and the glow from outside was so intense that every room in our house took on a yellowish hue. When we walked outside, everything was glowing blue. It's too bad that couldn't have been caught on camera, but this shot of the sky was pretty incredible.

I spent this afternoon in a medical building rushing from the pediatrician on one side (for my daughter's swollen eyelid appointment at 3:00) to my own doctor on the other side (to get the 411 on my allergy test at 3:45) and totally missed the excitement that went down only 8 miles from my office (which is a good thing since I hadn't brought a change of underpants for myself).

I've seen all kinds of things happen from the top of my favorite bridge (the Dames Point Bridge) that connects Jacksonville's Northside to the Arlington neighborhood on the other side of the St. John's River. Things like car accidents that leave vehicles piled on top of one another in positions that put the kama sutra to shame. Then there's the bohemoth of a cruise ship that threatens to topple the bridge with its barely-existent clearance (at low tide!). I've even called 911 in hopes that a would-be jumper could be convinced to give himself another chance at life. But that waterspout eventually made it to land and took out a couple of trees. It even threw some powerlines down with enough force to cause an explosion and burn a 3-foot hole in the asphalt.

Hurricane season? BRING IT ON.


Remo said...

If I remember my geology (and geography) correctly, FL is nothing more than a huge sandbar a couple hundred feet high, probably built when the asteroid hit Yucatan and killed the dinosaurs.

It'll happen.

Chris said...

True story: Alexis and I used to take the Dames Point Bridge (wait....isn't it really the Bonaparte Bridge or something like that?) and then 295 to avoid driving across the Matthews and then THROUGH downtown to get to our jobs at Winn-Dixie HQ on the West side.

One morning we are driving across the bridge and at the top, there is something in the emergency lane...
something black...
something long...


The only thing we can think of is someone poached it (I think it was still illegal back then) and when it fell off their truck going back to redneckville...errrr...Oceanside, they panicked and kept on going.

Dena said...

I live in Oceanway! hahaha...but it's alot bigger these days and very much split into two sides: redneck and middle-class. You'd probably be surprised by the changes and that's why we all make redneck comments about the Westside.

Margo said...

Ummm, crazy. Crazy. C.R.A.Z.Y.

How long do you think FL has? I think we're going down with the ship because this is the best place I've ever lived (almost)

Windy Days said...

I want to see one! How long do you think I have to live here to earn that privilege? I'm talking about a water spout, not a jumper.