Friday, February 27, 2009

Got XM?

I have XM radio in my car now. It's AWESOME!! And while I cry daily about being poor enough to qualify for food stamps (which I totally will apply for as soon as Mr. Dumas proves, once again, that he's not willing to help feed his child via court-ordered monthly support), I will cry even harder once my FREE (and AWESOME!) XM radio trial period ends in three months (and very likely during my week of hellbent maniacal behavior due to PMS).

So, America...I will subscribe to XM radio and try to collect food stamps at the same time. I don't care if you call me a government mooch. Why not? Because I've been paying taxes since I was 15. I've been paying for murderers' appeals since I was 15. I've been bailing out banks since I was 15. I've fed millions of lazy ass parents and their children with my welfare dollars since I was 15 (I know, they're not all lazy, but alot of them take advantage of the system). I've been trying to figure out, since I was 15, how many children I would have to give birth to and maintain a wonderful relationship with in order to be guaranteed that one of them will make enough money in their adult life to take care of me when I no longer have social security to rely on.

That's why. (And so far, I have only one child.)

Things are not looking good for me. Or you, for that matter. But I've got commercial-free radio. And my being able to listen to hot David Bowie, the Cure, sweaty Morrissey, Depeche Mode, and (gah!!) Ultravox (yes, Ultravox!)(gah!!, again) without fumbling for cd after cd after cd in my moving vehicle is really in your best interest. Of course, what is even more dangerous than that is being on my bad side during the aforementioned week of hellbent maniacal behavior due to PMS.

So let me have my food stamps and XM radio. Any haters can feel free to comment below.


Chris said...

That of course presumes XM is able to come out of the bankruptcy that they either just filed or are filing, I can't remember which. :)

I'm just a bundle of good news, aren't I?

Dena said...

Aaaaah, excellent point! Either way, I figure we'll all have a better idea of what's happening. Just to point out the obvious, we'll know more about the future in the future.

Dammit, just realized my scrolly thingy on my mouse isn't working.